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ELALThe Cleanliness Evaluation Equipment: ELAL offers the possibility to control the cleanliness of any type of surface in a fast, precise and automatic way.

The measurement of the degree of cleanliness is a common requirement in industry and in the production of goods and services. Due to the stringent requirement in many applications it becomes critical to evaluate the degree of cleanliness. Many times the impossibility to properly determine such factors forces redundant cleaning stages with the corresponding increases in costs in production and in effluent treatment in order to reduce the ambient impact.

ELAL The ELAL equipments can be used on-line measuring in real time as well as in finished products or in the lab.

The reliability of the measurements with ELAL is guaranteed by our calibration system with dirt standards based on dispersed carbon nanoparticles of controlled sizes.

As the measurement procedure is completely automated, the ELAL equipments only require a minimum training of the operators.

Comparison between ELAL and other cleanliness evaluation methods.

Elal Online
Elal Mobile
Automatic Measurement
Real-time measurement
in production line
Measurement laboratory on samples
Measuring plant offline
Unskilled operator
Measuring time
0,05 seg
3 seg
300 a 1800 seg

How it Works
ELAL mobile
ELAL online

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