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Every day new microscopy techniques appear, each new equipment cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and do not combine all the desired techniques. The catalogue is huge: TPF, TIRF, PALM, STED, FLIM, SPIM, CARS, STORM, etc. Thanks to our experience in laser and microscopy and our collaboration with pioneering laboratories we can adapt prototypes that combine the different techniques matching the end user needs and custom develop the control software at significantly smaller final costs.

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The combined TIRF - TPF prototype microscope has a unique and original TIRF system with two axes scanning. It is the only system in the market in which you can both adjust the evanescent wave penetration and the electric field polarization.

Platform: Olympus IX71 microscope
TPF Laser: tunable Ti:saphire with 30fs pulsewidth
TIRF Laser: CW 50mW at 532nm.

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