About Tolket /// The Company  

We are a technology based company located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our mission is:

Provide original solutions to problems brought by the industry, basically oriented in the research and development of quality control instruments and processes.

Position ourselves as a dynamic and agile road that converts ideas and concepts developed within the argentine scientific-technological system into prototypes and marketable products.

For this purpose we count with highly qualified human resources, including professionals with the highest academic degree trained in the scientific community, as well as professionals and technicians experienced in the development of high tech products.

Our first product launched into the market is the Laser Apparatus for Cleanliness Evaluation (ELAL in Spanish). This original equipment, unique in its class, was developed in a collaboration of the Center for Optical Research (CIOp) at La Plata and the Quantum Electronics Laboratory of the University of Buenos Aires (LEC-UBA). One of the inventors of the equipment is Dr. Oscar E. Martínez, who is one of the founders of the company. Our personnel had the task of converting this original development in a compact, sturdy equipment fit for industry, and after receiving the patent license take care of the marketing of the product.

Tolket has deserved several awards, among which are:

Award to the Innovation 2007, National Innovation Contest, Category: applied research, 1st prize

Award to the Innovation 2007, National Innovation Contest, General Category: 1st prize.

Medal from the World Intellectual Property Organization OMPI-WIPO, Genève 2007.

Santander Río 2009 Young Entrepreneur Award, Industrialization and commercialization of accessories for optical metallographic microscope.

IB50K 2009 Award – Technology-based innovation. First prize – Photothermal Accessory for Metallographic Microscope.

Innovative Ventures Award 2011 – Banco Nación / Fundación Empretec. Second prize – Companies.

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