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The TK-LED microscope lamp uses the state of the art in high power LED illumination technology.

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A large variety of colors are available, also several white light tones (from warm, low blue content, to cold tones with more blue). Providing solutions when monochromatic illumination is needed as well as when halogen lamps are commonly used.

The TK-LED lamps come with an alignment and focusing mechanism that guarantees uniform illumination in the entire field of view. This feature is not provided by most other brands.

The stability, homogeneity and brightness in fluorescence obtained with TK-LED lamps are comparable to that of 50W mercury lamps, and highly superior to those from halogen sources. These, in addition to the zero maintenance cost and long life, make TK-LED the best option for microscope illumination.

Whenever multiple consecutive images are required, TK-LED provides the option of up to 10,000Hz on/off switching by means of an external signal (TTL).

TK-LED is compatible with most of the leading microscope brands and can be custom adapted to any brands on requirement.

Need more than one color? MULTI TK-LED

Long life, more than 10,000 hours – No more lamp replacement – Low cost – Zero maintenance

Instant on/off – No warm up time – Up to 10,000Hz modulation

Wavelength variety - Whites

Easy to install – Easy to use – Fits any microscope

Intensity control 0-100% - No more mechanical shutters – No more neutral filters - No mercury

Thanks to its narrow emission spectrum you might not need to use excitation filters for fluorescence, increasing even more the brightness and lowering the cost.

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Fluorocromo: BODIPY FL
LED 470nm
Cube UMWB2

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