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MicrolinkThis Micro Laser Patterning equipment allows rapid prototyping of different types of patterns for a diversity of applications.

Award to the Innovation 2011, National Innovation Contest, Category: Innovative Product.

These applications are:

MIcrocontact printing: a polymeric master is rapidly generated and the pattern is transferred to a PDMS stamp.

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MicrolinkDirect laser writing of protein patterns by LAPAP (Laser-Assisted Adsorption by Photobleaching). This technique provides an 8bit grayscale of protein concentration controlled by design from the computer, an unique feature not achievable with microcontact printing. Other molecules (besides proteins) can be painted with micrometer resolution via Biotin-Streptavidin gluing.



Microwire routing on cooper: Cooper routes, as thin as a few micrometers, can be drawn directly on the resist after computer design.

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