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Bringing the power of bright, coherent extreme ultraviolet light to your lab

Tolket SRL sells, installs and gives technical support to the only tabletop XUV laser in the market, developed at Colorado State University and manufactured by XUV Lasers.

The equipment is a desktop-size laser at 46.9 nm that brings to your own laboratory a powerful beam of pulsed, coherent extreme ultraviolet light (also known as XUV or EUV radiation). Its short wavelength, combined with a high energy per pulse (10 ÁJ) and short pulse duration (1.5 ns) makes it a unique tool for numerous novel applications.

This EUV laser has been successfully demonstrated in applications such as nanoscale microscopy, single-photon ionization mass spectroscopy studies of the electronic structure and chemical reactivity of clusters and molecules, direct patterning of materials in the nanoscale, and material ablation studies.

Visit the manufacturer site to discover the new and exciting applications of this EUV laser sources.


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